Thursday, September 27, 2007

J. Who?

What is going on with J.Lo these days. She's dropped a lot of projects in the past year and it seems like no one gives a damn. She had the whole package-- beautiful face and body, mediocre singer, mediocre acting, and fiyah ass dancer. Everything weighed itself out and apparently her down.
When she was Hot...

When She Was Sizzling...

Somewhere between all that...She got luke warm and apparently can't quite light that match again.

Selena, where for art thou? Bring forth the hotness that was once J.Lo.

She's trying....But this song is so mid to late 90's. She can still dance, but she just isn't fly anymore to me. Weird, but true...Her voice sounds like she's been working on some do-re-mi's.

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yet another black guy said...

damn that song and video are tight! if the rest of the album is on point as well, im'ma have to get that!