Monday, October 08, 2007

Bustin' Nuts

With every nut I bust

I escape through lust

Lies that once ran through lips I now kiss

Don't mean shit to me

With every nut I bust

I journey through broken trust

I touch the body that has done me wrong through infidelity

But you can't tell me shit

Because I am loving the breadth and depth of it

With every nut I bust

I thrust all of my care and concerns

Into a milky form

This love now torn feels so right, although momentarily

With every nut I bust, I scarily love you all over again

Forget the shit you did

Forgive the shit you didn't

This physicality feels like an apology

With every nut I bust

I must...

I must be suffering from temporary insanity

Every nut I bust got me thinking that you are good for me


Soldier said...

exactly !

well damn, man... that is so true...

sexual energy is physically one of the best, but emotionally the most confusing way... to convert frustation or anger

after those nuts, you can only fall asleep ! Lol

fuzzy said...

hmmmm Bustin nuts casts a cloud over sound judgement. Confuses fact and fiction. Puts you in a state of extasy! But it feels bangin as hell!!!

That Dude Right There said...

Yep, sex with fuck the mind up!