Monday, October 08, 2007

Happy 4-0 Toni!

There was a point in time where there were some hard working R&B Divas on the scene. I think Mary J. and Mariah may be the last of that era to experience recent success. They've bobbed and weaved the musical landscape, constantly redefining themselves.

My girl, one of my all time fave vocalists hung in there for a while, but her last CD, Libra, didn't quite make the cut. Musically, it took you back to that first CD, but it just didn't catch on. I certainly hope that she can make the well-deserved comeback that music needs. Nobody sounds like her and she will be one of those legends that generations forward will look back on, as we do Aretha, Chaka, Patti, Roberta, etc...

Enough of that, Happy Big 4-0, Toni!

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Jersey Brotha said...

Toni will ALWAYS be my girl! And I agree, the Libra album wasn't all that great, but hell, no artist has a hit album every single time. But she has carved her own niche very well in the music industry.