Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sex in the Rain...Trains....Automobiles

Okay...Okay...Mokenstef had another minor hit. (At least I liked it.) The song was called "Sex in the Rain". At the time the time it had came out, I had only had "Sex in the Brain" and "Sex in the Hand". Since then, I have truly diversified my sexual resume. I'm not wild as some, but I've done it in a car several times, but who hasn't. I've done it in a park. I've done it in a baseball dugout. I've done it in a public restroom.(With my BF at the time---No Larry Craig here) I've done it in the shower. I've done it at my job, actually several of my jobs and those of others, with the exception of my current job. What outrageous venues have you done your thing at?

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