Thursday, October 04, 2007

Significant Strangers

The scent of your Alabaster was intoxicating

I now drink you through every kiss

I taste every inch of your being

The light brown hue of your eyes was mesmerizing

I now see you through different eyes

Clothes on the floor, we salute and support the mahogany sculptures before us

The tone and breadth of our initial conversation was tantalizing

It prefaced the follow-through that would take place shortly unbeknownst to either of us

We are geting to better know each other through through Kelly's 12 Play

From our initial meeting, we had to take it from there

Like wind through the air, we slid to the next venue

Was it too soon?

You now feel me

I now feel you

We enganging one another

Is this chance occurence signigicant enough for us to become significant others?

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