Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lauryn Hill.....Earth to.....Lauryn Hill

This below video proves to me what perseverance, hard work and confidence can do for someone as they go after their dreams. I never knew that Lauryn Hill competed on the Apollo stage. It was clearly up from there and down from whatever point she decided that "Miseducation..." would be the final ray of light to shine her wonderful talent. The rest of the shit that came after has been worthy of landfills and junk drawers. It's sad to see that she, even at the age of 13, was comfortable in her own skin and truly sang that damn song her own way. When the audience started to get rude, she didn't budge.... I had to listen to it twice myself, it was aiiiighhtttt but you can see that she's been working on her own personal style for some time. Perhaps if she would channel this 13 year old girl, we'd get L-Boogie back in one piece. She was destined to be a force to be reckoned with. Lauryn, if you can hear me or read this, GET OFF THAT SHIT!.....LOL! We Miss You!Add Image

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fuzzy said...

wow, she was really Boo'ed?