Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Life...My Life...My Life

Maybe it's because I misplaced my Jill Scott: The Real Thing, but I was compelled to bump Mary J Blige's My Life at work yesterday and today. Depressing? Yes. But It's so necessary right now. Mary isn't the best of singers, but she's got staying power because the girl can really emote on a song, make you feel her pain and joy. Granted, in my current state of mind, I should be listening to something spirirually uplifting. But I can see the light in the dark. I guess I'm weird. To appreciate where you're going, you gotta peer into the past. My Life does that for me. I was young when it came out. Not that I'm ancient now, but I've lived through some "Be Happy", "I'm The Only Wo(MAN)", "You Bring Me Joy", and "You Gotta Believe", But no complaints....It feels good and Mary can serenade me any day. However, the verdict is still out on Growing Pains.

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