Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I have not felt like blogging lately,

but I have taken note of some things like ....

...the passing of Estelle Getty. She will truly be missed. Ya'll know Sophia was hilarious. She lived a long life and gave pop culture a character that will certainly live on. Don't act like you don't get into the Golden Girls. I was always told that I would be Dorothy....I don't know what that was supposed to mean, LOL.

...the BET Awards. I should've blogged about that some time ago. I will say that Ne-Yo was the best performance of the the Hip-POP genre. Usher was blah and Chris was blah. I give them blah because they were lip synching. Ne-Yo sang live and danced. Usher is played. He needs to reinvent himself. He's been around too long. It's time for some new tricks. I was loving the Jill Scott/Anthony Hamilton/MAXWELL tribute to Al Green. The Alicia Keys girl group tribute should have been limited to En Vogue because they looked and sounded the part. I love SWV and TLC but NO! Xscape and Brownstone, although they weren't as big as those that were included, would have been good to see.

...BGC, Adam4Adam, Men4Now.....It's the same motherfuckers over and over and over again. However, it is entertaining. You can't take those things too seriously.

...The National Black Arts Festival in ATL. You've gotta check it out. I've attended events there over the last two years and I always leave with a feeling of fullness and pride. It's worth a drive or flight. It really is.

...Omarosa on Wendy Williams' show was hilarious. I think Omarosa took advantage of the TV situation. It really looked like Wendy wanted to go radio on her. All in all, they both are a trip.

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fuzzy said...

I love Golden Girls!

No comment on the BET awards, but yea, you're late anyway lol!

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