Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dumb Dumb

Okay....the NYC negro is ignoring texts and phone calls. Last conversation that we had, he said he needed some time to heal.

This is the craziness I have become accustomed to. His mental health situation is really in question now, as is mine. I was the damn fool that put down $200 on a round trip.

When I asked him if he was still willing to pay for my ticket, he didn't respond. I think that I need to leave it alone and call it a loss.

I've learned a tremendous lesson. I've echoed it throughout this blog and that lesson is that I am still learning, growing, and trusting for a better me. This is my bad and I accept the role of Dumb Dumb in this scenario.

However, I pray our paths never cross in the physical. I would certainly hate to show him how we do it down here. (LOL) In this instance, the distance is truly in his favor.

"I need to heal"!? Nygga be glad that I can't facilitate the kind of healing that you really need from way down here.

I gotta let it go. Anger, Resentment, and Hate are a sickness that will only bring me down. God Bless him.

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