Thursday, August 23, 2007

Everybody's Gay....

...If you let some people tell it. All this crap about who's gay in Hollywood is so whack to me. It's such a non-issue. Any black actor that sits still long enough can find themselves being "outed". Regardless of if they are or aren't, I hope they don't dignify this foolishness with a response. People are people and celebrities are people. If they choose to do dibble and dabble in an alternate lifestyle, they are no different than the teachers, doctors, lawyers and preachers that are doing it in our hometowns.These stories take precedent over the many gay heroes and sheroes that are publicly making a difference and positvely representing the GLBT lifestyle. They may not be A-listers, but they do exist in every facet of the entertainment industry. It is not remotely intriguing or shocking. And some of those people and situations on that list seem a little far fetched. (What kind of head was Superhead giving to notice Tigger's man hole, if that is the case I see where she gets the nickname from.) To put this all in a nut shell, Why does it matter? And if they are? As far as the bloggers, he's not alone and this is nothing new. These laundry lists and unsubstantiated stories are getting a tad bit old. Some people are going to be suggested , closeted, and out about theirs. It's a fact of life.

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yet another black guy said...

i never understood the fascination with celebrities sex life. unless it's a one of these hypocritical politicians or preachers, then i don't care what they do.

i think it comes from envy and attraction. plus shade.