Friday, August 17, 2007


I remember this show by the name of "Herman's Head" that I really liked. I think that I may have been too young to totally get it, but I so get it now. Herman Brooks, the lead character, was an aspiring writer working as a fact-checker at a publisher. While dealing with life in the big city, his inner thoughts are played out by four characters representing his intellect, fear, compassion, and lust.
I feel that I have multifaceted setting of characters in my mind toying with my emotions and essentially making it quite difficult to make proper decisions. This show was way before it's time and I really think a DVD is in order. I believe everyone has voices in their head outside of conscience. You are not crazy, you are simply living. I think that with each experience that we go through in life, some voices get louder, while others are reduced to a whisper. About 5 years ago, I had that lust voice on speaker phone. But now I can say that green M&M-esque voice isn't blasting as loud, but it certainly is there, it's just not willing to throw everything out on the table without substance. It took some time and is taking some time. Currently my voices are telling me to crawl under my desk at work and take a nap. That's just me....What are your voices telling you?

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