Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Storms....Getting There.

I often reflect on a daily of the storms I've been through, the ones I'm going through and the ones that are yet to come.

I recall battling with my sexuality, finances, love life, professional life and I can see where a lot has changed and I see where a lot hasn't.

I think I'm a lot wiser now. I try my hardest to prevent what I can and deal with what I can handle myself.

Obstacles are constantly thrown in the direction to deter me, but I'm still here. I may not be rich, but I aint a broke nigga. I may not be settled down, but I'm not lonely. I am growing slowly but surely to appreciate the small details of life, recognize the small, but big people in my life that have been there through thick and thin. I am slowly but surely growing and becoming who it is I was meant to be. He never said that it would be easy....but I will get there.

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