Saturday, September 08, 2007

Fashion Rocks

I watched Fashion Rocks last night. I must say that it left a lot to be desired. Fergie sucked azz. I think she was trying to channel Madonna's material girl moment. But she's got to understand that a Madonna she is not. Mary J. Blige and Usher did an old school duet that they should have never even thought about. They are so much better apart than they are together. Mary J. Blige would work with a Jamie Foxx or even an Anthony Hamilton. Usher needs to stick with Beyonce and Alicia Keys. They were like oil and water. But it was aiiiightttt. J-Hud took a risk. It was kinda shaky at first for me but she worked it out. That wig is the bizness. It gives her a different look. I'm sick of the Rapunzel-esque look on her. Why do women get those weaves and wigs at lengths that there real hair will never reach? Just a question. I still love her and she represents well. Anyways, here it goes.

Here goes the Marvin "Gay" and Tammy Terrell moment. I love Mary J. Blige and I can tolerate Usher. Mary has a presence and she is still "hood". I love it. This was aiiighhht. I could've taken a dump for these 6 minutes and still got the same effect.

Alicia Keys did her thing and she is really "glamming" it up these days. She's really morphed from "Cleo" to "Cleopatra". Her new single "No One Else" is already on repeat. I'm liking this song too. I'm assuming it's a cover or something. Alicia has definitely upgraded.

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