Saturday, September 08, 2007


Okay, Where The Hell is?.......

Chantay Savage
Not only did she remake "I Will Survive", she sang the hell out of it. I should've known I was gay when this song dropped. LOL. Still love it to this day.

This song is so classic. It really makes you wonder what has happened to the state of R & B music today. At some point people just stopped singing like this. Now we got people like Puffy trying to make the band 15 years too late. Groups are so played nowadays. It's all about the smoke and mirrors. I'm still wondering what happened to these guys.

Changing Faces
I was in love with these two ladies. I copped all their CD's. Yes, believe it or not, they had more than one CD. LOL. They were preaching on this GHETTOUT. Amen.

5 O'clock in the morning, Where You Gonna Be? Now when this song first came out, I would've been nestled between pillow and sheet preparing to go to school the next day. In 2007, There is no telling where I may be at 5 O'clock in the morning.

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