Sunday, September 02, 2007

Keite is Tight

No this isn't Katt Williams' long lost cousin or Snoop Dogg's gay ass brother. This is Keite Young and I must say that he's produced a gem that can be nestled in CD players and totally step up the music game. From start to finish, Keite indulges the listener in a trek that mimics the sounds of Sam Cooke, D'Angelo, Prince, Al Green, Bilal, Lyfe....but has the audacity to be fresh and invigorating. The Rise and Fall of Keite Young is yet another piece of music that is a must-have for non-music lovers and music lovers alike. He is inspirational, unapologetic, and raw. My favorite track is "Pray". He's signed to Hidden Beach(Jill Scott's label). They are really outdoing themselves on that label.


Tyson said...

I have never been one to buy cd's, but I will give him a try. I do think music can be very emotional and fulfilling.

fuzzy said...

wow! He is Good! Good-looking too! nice package. Can we say next big thing up and coming? I dont know maybe he is big already but this is the first I am hearing about him.