Saturday, September 08, 2007


I often wonder what it takes to get the attention of these various academies...I've gone to movies before and been absolutely blown away by performances. Come nomination time, these thespians are barely mentioned, if at all. Some of my all time faves that I think were absolutely robbed are:

John Leguizamo in "Too Wong Foo" - Phuck what you heard...Chi Chi was the business. All of them were good but John was my fave.

Sharon Warren in "Ray"- Thanks Jamie, Regina, Kerry, Bokeem, etc...But No thanks. This newcomer did the damn thing. Her performance was riveting and it damn near made me cry. BTW, Where the hell is she now?

Nona Gaye in "Ali" - It may have been just me but I think she did it up in this film. For the first time ever, I was like Marvin Gaye's daughter has got some acting chops on her.

Queen Latifah, Kimberly Elise and even Vivica Fox for "Set It Off"- All bets were off for this movie. I wasn't feeling Jada's part, but I most definitely feel as if the other girls pulled their weight and then some in this movie.

Tupac in "Juice"- Mr. Shakur represented in this flick. I don't care what anyone says. I know this wasn't an Oscar caliber movie but it sure as hell was an Oscar worthy performance. Tupcac did well.

Beah Richards in "Beloved"- I know this Toni Morrison classic turned Oprah Winfrey flop left a lot to be desired, but you must admit that some of the best moments occured when this legend was on screen. R.I.P

Bette Midler and Barbra Hershy in "Beaches"- The number one chick flick ever did turn out some world class performances. "Did you ever know that you're my hero?" I loved it. I should've known I was gay at that point. LOL.

Irma P. Hall in "Soul Food"- Another standout performance in another black film that just didn't turn any heads come award season. She made me cry. Very touching and Very real.

Karen Malina White in "Lean on Me" - Some may remember her from "The Cosby Show" or "A Different World". I will always remember her for that ground stirring portrayal in "Lean on Me". Loved it. "Mr. Clark..."

Lady Chablis in Midnight in the Garden of Good And Evil- I know that she was playing "herself", but you must know that she was fabulously fierce and unstoppable from beginning to end. Two snaps and a.....

Coronji Calhoun and Mos Def in Monster's Ball- I give Halle her props, but I think that little boy did so well in that part. It was so real. It sucks that the Haley Joel Osments, Dakota Fannings, and KeKe Palmers are embraced so easily in Hollywood. I really enjoyed watching the natural talent that is Coronji Calhoun interact with Ms. Berry onscreen. And although brief, Mos Def showed me that he was a real actor as opposed to a rapper that was just dabbling in the field. I believed him and it made me look out for more of his theatrical work.

Loretta Devine in "Waiting To Exhale"- Just because she wasn't burning cars and shit, doesn't mean my girl wasn't working it. She clearly had fun with the character and fought off the misconceptions of big girls with a subtle sense of sexuality.

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