Friday, October 26, 2007

Understanding......As Simple As 1-2-3?

Despite popular belief, many girl groups found success prior to Destiny's Child. Below is one of my faves.

Xscape's "Understanding" will always be a classic to me for a variety of reasons. One being that these girls could really saaaaaaannnnnng! "Who Can I Run To?" was no joke either. I love this song because it's clearly easier sang then done. I have found "understanding" to be a hard thing to come by in several of my relationships and not-so-relationships. I've said it and they've said it, but did we really understand each other through the ups and downs? Hell Naw! It's hard to understand somethings, even when they are staring you right in the face. Even when it's been reiterated several times over. Neediness is a part of the human condition. If we're not getting what we need, when we need, at the frequency we need it, it won't mean a hill of beans. And the need is not limited to sex it can be as simple as a phone call to say I'm thinking about you. I've ran across a few that didn't understand why I did or did not do something and I've been in the position to where I didn't understand someone's actions or lack thereof. Maybe it is simple as 1-2-3 and I just haven't come across the one that can numerically simplify my "understanding" issues.

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