Saturday, December 29, 2007

He Wants Release

He has been incubating an internal confusion

Been disillussioned through a variety of sources

To feel wrong for the emotions that circulate through his being

He has been nursing an open wound

Many have questioned and assumed

But he couldn't muster up the confirmation of what everyone probably already knew

He has been spinning on spirals

That circulate 'round vicious circles of suicidal thoughts

Everything that was anti-self he bought

He questioned his existence because others said people like him should not exist

He has been sweating out fevers induced by regret

But the looks, touch, and love of a man he can not forget

This fight may be worth the fight

As he poisons his well-being to make everyone else right

He must now forget sleeping at night

For the tear soaked pillow that catches pain

He must forget the spirituality of others

For he has been told that Hell awaits

He must now forget publicly being himself

For he may find himself on the receiving end of bashing

He must forget about counting on friends

For the true ones love him unconditionally

And will be there

But he must simultaneously remember who he is and was and ever will be is not a secret to the creator.

Anyone else that has questions, comments, or concerns is a hater.

Open his heart for love.

Open his mind for peace.

Open his mouth to set him free.

He Wants Relase.


Ailed LittleKnight said...

wow ummm wow! Bottling up all of that within isn't a great idea man... let that sucka go!

Omar Ramon said...

dang...release indeed

fuzzy said...

1, 2, 3, breathe! Vent and repeat!

Release is a good thing!