Thursday, May 08, 2008

Random Thoughts From the Cube To The Left

At Work...Behind...Not Stressed...Content...It'll be fine...

Take a little time out of my crazy, crazy, crazy day to empty out the contents of my cranium for the blogosphere.

  1. If she pulls this off, the movie studios will have to make a superhero flick, starring her as IronWoman, Spider Chick, Bat Woman, The Incredible Hillary, or Super Biotch because ole buddy has gone from the man being beat to the Man to Beat. She's got to pull out some special powers at this point.

  2. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon??? It may very well work out. Wouldn't it be something if they grow to be the Ossie Davis/Ruby Dee couple that people really admire. It's weird, but it's too random to be a PR stunt. I think that Mariah can do a helluva lot better than Nick if she wants PR.

  3. Beyonce and Jay-Z. Cute.

  4. Janet and Jermaine. Still weird.

  5. I want to go to Paris or London, but my bank account wants me to stay state side.

  6. I used to love New York Undercover. That show was the shizit. I wonder if it's made it to DVD yet? Malik Yoba never did anything for me. Michael DeLorenzo, the latino guy, he was so cute to me, but I saw a recent pic of him and time has not been kind to him.

  7. The pollen around this bitch is gangster. My nasal passages are being jacked daily.

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fuzzy said...

nick and mariah still a growing fancy on me... My bank account wants me to stay 50 miles from home lol