Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Thoughts from my pillowtop to my laptop

  1. Hasn't America Idol had it's day? How many people can really call themselves America's Idol? The success rate is not that high and the longevity career-wise looks pretty sketchy. Right now my money is on Carrie Underwood and Fantasia. Kelly is a strong possible.
  2. Jennifer Hudson in Sex And The City. No singing. Will she prove herself to be a fine actress without the melodies. I certainly hope so.
  3. Barack Obama. I am so proud of him. I support him I hope he doesn't do anything stupid. Black leadership really has a tendency to let you down one way (scandal) or another.
  4. I hate mathematics. It has always been my least favorite subject. From Kindergarten through college through corporate, you can depend on math to be a pain in my ass. So, why was so much of it required of us in grade school and college? Was it busy work? Was it necessary? I can count my money. LOL.
  5. Masturbation is awesome. You can always depend on yourself for that good one if need be. LOL.


fuzzy said...

on that number 5, I was a disappointment a few times, glad you have had nothing but good reports!

Anonymous said...

1 - I stopped watching after Fantasia won. It's too commercial.

2 - She studied theater in college. I think she'll do good.

3 - I hope no one assassinates him.

4 - I hate the lenghty formulas.

5 - True, but you gotta have a nice stimulus to reach that good one.