Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Officially Missing You

First and foremost, I think that Mrs.Grant Hill is so underrated as an artist. With that said, "Officially Missing You", is not only one of my fave Tamia songs, but one of my all time fave songs of all time. There is a long list and this track falls midway. The song is so appropriate because for a while I've felt as though I was missing something, whether it was physical, spiritual, emotional, i could not decipher. I can definitely say that it's not "someone". Ex's are Ex's for a reason. I have had to come to grips with that factoid through trial and error. Shit doesn't change, it only rearranges. I don't have a thought provoking post, describing the discovery of this missing element. I'm still on the road, going the speed limit these days. I'm not in a rush. All will be revealed in due time. I feel better though, bordering happier which is adjacent to great which is next door to good. I think I'll tell someone that the next time they ask me how I'm doing, lol. I hope all is to the good in the blogosphere.

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fuzzy said...

I tend to say "better than some, not as bad as others". That song is one of my favorits as well. I really like it! ALOT!