Monday, August 18, 2008

When Do People Stop Trying To Change And Just Accept Their Faults?

This question as loomed over all of my relationships, whether they are professional or personal. I have often got into squabbles with loved ones and colleagues alike over shit that is so simple. I'm too damn old, they're too damn old to change habits that are simply a part of their being. I'm the "Let's Move On" person and I attract the "Let's Talk About It" motherfuckers. I don't mind discussing it, but I don't want to relive the coversation each and every time we come back to this fork in the road. I say all of this because a friend called me to vent about another friend. I sat on the phone in a total state of deja vu. We've been friends this long to know each other well enough to know that aint shit changng. It's kind of funny, but it borders being annoying. I love them to death, but the arguments must take a new form. She thinks that the other is rude. The other thinks that that she is mean. They both are right. LOL.

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