Monday, September 08, 2008

Meaningful Meaninlgless Sex

Has anyone had a sexual experience with a cut-buddy, EX, jump-off, or anyone that was simply a warm body where they didn't get it? By getting it, I mean that they clearly didn't understand that there were no emotions outside of the physical act. I've been fooling with an ancient EX and he really tries to get me to say that I Love Him in the midst of the sex. It proves to be quite an akward moment. The only reason I have sex with him is because it's a guarantee. There is none of that old "song and dance" to it. Needless to say that it just went down and his love antics ruined the experience for me. I need to find another cut buddy, become celibate, or something because that has left me very annoyed to say the least. This is like the 4th or 5th time and each time he does that shit.

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KennonP said...

You need to let him go, for his sake. The sexx means more to him, in his mind y'all maybe getting back together. Do both of of you a favor and let it go.