Wednesday, September 10, 2008

There is only one Etta

I got an opportunity to catch Fashion Rocks last night. I love fashion and I love music, so it was definitely a must see. I'll give it to Bey on capturing the essence of Etta's look. She gave "At Last" the old college try. She didn't sound bad, but there is only one Etta James. In fact, I've only heard one rendition that rivaled that of Ms. James and that was in a pageant in college. Celine, Christina, and Beyonce are way too polished and poised. There is only one Etta.She is gritty, bluesy, and raw.
In other Fashion Rock news, Justin Timberlake annoys me for some reason. I can't explain it. I realized it while I watched him take on Marvin Gaye. He did a good job, but I think the actual person is what annoys me. He seems like he's that white dude that will call you a "nigga" (not a nigger) cuz he thinks he's just that "down" to do so. LOL.

Also, I think the Stand Up To Cancer track with everyone and their momma on it is a little weak. You've got Beyonce, Mariah, Mary, Leona and there vocals were not really being used. Did anyone else notice that Ciara didn't do anything beyond the chorus? I do believe in the cause. When I heard news of the track, I just knew it was going to be a guaranteed #1.

The Kid Rock/Mary J Blige duet actually worked for me. There voices compliment each other well surprisingly.

Rihanna did her thing with "Vogue". Who would've thought that she'd be the next big thing when she first came out. I didn't see it coming. She's not that great of a singer, but it works for her. I think the accent gets her a "bye" with most ears.




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