Thursday, October 02, 2008

A Hidden Legacy

I enjoy reading. I may pick up a cheap book at Barnes and Noble, only to pick it up and read it two years later. I may easily pick up a magazine at Borders that will find the same fate. I will get intrigued by a title or a graphic and if the price is within reason, it is SOLD! Well this happened with a magazine, I fumbled across this summer enttitle American Legacy. Intrigued by the cover art, I picked it up. I was immediately schooled on little known black heroes and sheroes. It was like a breath of fresh air from the MLK, Malcolm X, and Harriet Tubman-esque history that we've been drilled. If you ever run across it, do not hesitate to pick it up. It is certainly worth the trip don't memory lane. If you don't know, you will certainly put that glossy down knowing.

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fuzzy said...

I have that magezine. I just so happened to walk out of the Dr's office with it! :) and It is a must read!