Monday, September 29, 2008

The Verdict is in...

I got a hold to copies of J-Hud's self titled debut and Robin Thicke's latest offering, Something Else. Robin sold me from the first ear shot of his voice. After rotating J-Hud around a little bit, she grew on me. Her BIG ASS voice doesn't work for everything, but this CD was definitely worth the wait. She got an opportunity to fine tune it. I think she got all the songs that Whitney couldn't sing anymore. LOL. If you go out and actually buy the CDs (LOL), my personal faves on Robin's are Magic, Sidestep, and Hard on my Love. I'm really feeling Giving Myself and We Gon' Fight on Jennifer's.

Robin Thicke- A
Jennifer Hudson - B

It looks like I'm going to have to actually go out and buy T.I.'s Paper Trail. LOL


fuzzy said...

I hear Paper trail is gonna be Hard money! He was on the radio this morning and he had me wanting to go get a copy! I'd rather have J Hudson's album!

jwilli said...

amazon currently has the paper trail download for $3.99. robin and jhud are regular priced though. i'm hoping to snag copies of them from friends.