Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Big Hair, Big Boobs, But Not Texas

I spent the weekend in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee with a friend of mine that somehow managed to get a free get-away weekend. I really was better off counting my pubic hairs but I decided to give it a shot anyway. The mountains were majestic. The food was actually not good. They kept advertising barbeque. The photos looked delicious. I should have eaten them instead. Slapping barbeque sauce on cooked meat is not enough.(at least not for my taste buds)

We trekked the Rocky Mountains. This was a plus because it gave me an opportunity to really see nature in one of it's rawest forms. There was a peace there. A peace that I wish I could've stolen and brought back home.

I am guilty of getting loss in the hustle of the day to day. I think it's important to sometimes sit back and look at what the Lord made. So many things made so much more sense out there. It was beautiful.

I was so worn out from the nature excursions that I passed out on contact with the hotel bed. I got some good sleep and some nice moments of reflection.

The entertainment value of the trip was worthy of pube counting.
(Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede can count me out. BTW- My friend didn't know she had breast implants!!!!)
The culinary value of the trip was worthy of eating a pencil eraser.
The reflective value of the trip was immeasurable.

I give it a C.

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KennonP said...

The place iis for rednecks, surprised you gave it a C.