Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I wanted to hate this so bad....

Leave it to back-to-back episodes to get you caught up and hooked! Now one thing is quite clear through watching the first couple episodes and that is that the these broads do not know each other PERIOD! Just based on some things that they've said on the show, I think they should've called it Perfect Strangers. NeNe is my favorite by far. She is so HOOD, fun and fabulous. She could be the show on her own. I could even see myself going out and having a good time with her.LOL. Kim clearly can't sing. I think that's why she has yet to bust out with a Do, Re, or Mi. I'm hooked and I'll be tuning in. The Real Housewives of Atlanta has become my gulity pleasure. Kim kept going on and on about how pretty Sheree was. Sheree kept saying how pretty Kim was. That was quite interesting to me. They are not ugly, but they are definitely not worthy of all of those accolades they were dishing to one another. A 6 and 7 respectively. Anyways, tune in and enjoy. I will.

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