Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I remember being totally enamored in music award shows, really any award show. But lately, either I've grown up a hell of a lot or they're simply boring. I remember the days when there were some wow factors into putting on an award program. This year's American Music Awards was a lot of the same. I think the only thing that was a shocker was when Chris Brown won Artist of The Year. Aside from that, I think I was better off catching some extra Z'ssss. However, I must say I was very glad to see Annie Lennox perform. When they were doing a montage of her best work, I really remembered why I'm a fan. From the Eurhythmics to present, she's paved her own way and made some beautiful music in the process. She rocks and she's a philanthropist. A true artist indeed.

Here's her AMA performance:

Here's my fave AL song:

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