Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Desperate" Housewives of Atlanta

I tuned in. It was whack. I don't think it was necessary for them girls to have a reunion show. I think each of them were itching for a second season. It's scripted. It's campy. It will continue to be a Bravo hit. I do not like Lisa Wu Hartwell. I think she's a phony "shit" starter. She portrayed herself as this neutral, mature woman. I guess she saw that wasn't working in getting her s spin-off because she "doesn't do anything that doesn't make her money." Something about her really didn't sit well with me. Deshawn Snow is the most boring of the bunch. She needs to be replaced. Sheree is okay. She has over compensated herself in the confidence department. If she feels confident spending her husband's money and being in the divorce process for 3 plus years. So be it! Nene is hood. I like her. I think her whole thing tonight with Kim was a little bit much. Kim didn't even flinch a muscle when Nene was jumping stupid or Lisa. Speaking of Kim, without her this show would've been extremely boring. So let's give the Dollar Store Barbie some credit. I'm about to go to bed. I must say that I'll tune into this guilty pleasure next season. They need to ditch Deshawn (DeYAWN) and Lisa, simply because I don't like her. LOL.

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