Friday, January 23, 2009

Oscar Contenders Got Oprah In Common

Congrats go out to Ms. Tarai P. Henson and Ms. Viola Davis for their Oscar nominations. I am a fan of both, as I have raved before. It's good to see their talent being given the credit it so deserves. I did catch Viola in Doubtand I must say that she channeled something that was so real. If you haven't seen Doubt, please go see it because one of the underlying themes in the film is acceptance. Not to be a spoiler, but she has a son that many of us can identify with. It was really refreshing to get the viewpoint, albeit fictional, of a mother whose son could be homosexual. Check it out. I can go on and on about that movie.

the Curious Case of Benjamin Button is on my list o things to do. I haven't seen it but I've known Taraji to be nothing but stellar in my opinion. It's great to see that she's coming up for air in the sea of talented black actresses. I know it's got to be hard to out their for a pimp. (lol)

The connection between the two is unique, but not suprising. Oprah Winfrey was considered for Doubt and The Curious Case....

Best wishes to both. I hope Miss Sophia makes a comeback to the small or big screen. I think she's a wonderful talent as well.

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