Monday, January 19, 2009

This Whole Obama Thing

I may be alone, or at least a minority, in my thinking. I am not really feeling all of this Obama mania. I am happy. I respect him. I support him. I do not, however, worship the ground this man walks on. I'm really getting the feel that some are worshiping at the United Church of Barrack these days. It's beginning to get sickening now because I personally think that the expectations for this administration are so high that he's being set up for failure. That may be the pessimist in me speaking loud and clear. The optimist in me is saying that this will be the best administration ever. They may even be responsible for locating Amelia Earhart in the next 4 years. The reality is that he's been handed 8 years of bullshit. It will probably take 8 more years to clean up. I haven't known us Americans (including myself) to be that patient and understanding.

Face it, I think we've got more of a celebrity on our hands than we do a commander in chief. However, I don't think his intentions were to be made into Beverly Hills 9021Obama. The media blitz around him has been colossal. It is no fault of his own. He's dashing. He's eloquent. He's charming. He's intelligent. He's George Clooney. (lol) There has been a change alright.

Buses upon buses of people have left here, headed for DC. Thousands of first time voters took part in this historical election. I hope that this interest in the livelyhood of this country doesn't die down on tomorrow. I can only hope that all of this energy continues to grow and empowers people to be that change they voted for. I hope that naysayers are continued to be proven wrong. I hope that the work of this administration is stronger than it's luster.

Anyways, I said all of this to say that "Yes, We Will" - (optimism perseveres)

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D-Place said...

I agree with your comments about the media. I guess I'm a conspiracty therorist. At the same time I'm very hopeful. I don't see Obama as a Messiah. I do see him as a change and I pray the right change. I know he will be scrutinized more than any other President. I believe he'll be able to stand up to it. Now Michelle she might cuss someone out before it's all over...LOL