Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ikea, Etta, and Chris "Beat 'em Down" Brown"

Is anyone else loving those new Ikea ads? I think they are frickin' hilarious. I love it. The black lady that mysteriously appears is known as "The Muse". I love it and I hope they continue running those. Who knows? The Muse might be the next Snapple Lady, LOL.
All I've got to say about the whole Etta James/Beyonce thing is that it's a tad bit ridiculous. I love Etta but she has to know that none of that inaugural ball stuff was a swipe at her. Truth is, she's probably more inclined to whoop Beyonce's ass if she's seen Cadillac Records, which I finally saw. Beyonce tried, but I couldn't take her seriously. She wasn't bad. She was Beyonce'. I kept seeing Beyonce' everytime she was onscreen. I honestly couldn't give her a chance. Gabrielle Union was surprisingly good though.
The whole Chris Brown/Rihanna ordeal. Can we say stupid? It should never have to come to all that. But it further proves that money cannot buy you happiness or common sense. Chris is about to come to realize that he's not a Michael Phelps. Wrigley's has already pulled his advertisements. I'm quite sure they'll be more backlash against the young, talented, and dumb starlet. I like them both. I hope they are both able to recover from that ignant' mess.

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