Sunday, February 08, 2009

Thinking Without Thinking

I really must applaud my subliminal ,or was it my body ,or was it my psyche? I don't know what to attribute but for it, but I am very thankful that I did not take my ass out (as planned) on yesterday or the day before. I had every intention of going out and gettng liquored up. Friday, I laid down for a "nap". Saturday, I laid down for a "nap". Needless to say, these naps developed into a full fledged "good night" kind of sleep. I missed the nightlife completely. Which, based upon my current financial predicament was a good thing. I drink and good stupid with money. (i.e. buying mofo's drinks or thinking that i've got diddy's checking account) I was able to catch up on some Z's and save some cheese. I knew I was damn near broke, but the forces that be wouldn't allow me to get broke(-er). LOL. Until the next time....

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