Friday, February 20, 2009

Okay India, I get it.....

As any follower of this blog can attest, I acquired a new found respect for India.Arie over the last year or two. I wasn't big on her initially. I loved "Brown Skin" and Who didn't love "Ready for Love". I was going through a real rough patch with work, myself, and relationships when I purchased my first India.Arie CD, Testimony: Love and Relationships, Volume 1. I don't know if she's a mind reader or psychic. She really fed my soul with her infinite wisdom and melodic voice. I can remember weeping in my cubicle at work, listening to some of those heart felt tunes.
Fast forward to this past summer and she was the special guest at a Rachelle Ferrell concert. She blew me away and I made sure to own everything else that I was missing from her repertoire. I became a true fan.
Fast forward to this month and the release of her newest offering, Testimony:Love and Politics, Volume 2. I would've posted sooner, but to say that I was initially underwhelmed is an understatement. I didn't like it at first. After a few listens, I realized why I didn't like it. India.Arie is a chameleon. She is an artist that doesn't stagnate. She moves with the pulses of this earth. I think I was expecting something she had already produced. After A few listens, I fell in love with it. She's tied everything in with an interlude Grains. This interlude really speaks to how everyone is connected. It doesn't matter if you are gay, straight, Mexican, Dyslexic, rich, or poor, we are all made from the same grain. I really love the remake of a Sade classic entitled "Pearl", "Psalm 23" (featuring MC Lyte) and "Yellow" (featuring cutie, Terrell Carter). So, I get it now India, you speak to the current situations through your music. We shouldn't expect a repeat of your past musical conquests, but get with the times, as you have so beautifully done. Go get it! Go burn it! Whatever you do, experience it!


fuzzy said...

I wanna get in tune with an artist... the only one that really comes close would be John Legend!

The Antonym said...

WOW. This may very well change my mind on coppin that CD. My sister didn't ilke it and I actually bought it for a good friend who is her biggest fan. I am so interested in hearing the whole project now.