Thursday, February 26, 2009

2 Caucasian Persuasions That Irritate The Sh*t Out Of Me!

Okay these two white people have been giving my television a headache lately. I'll start with the big gimmick that is Becky a.k.a. "Buckwild". Her "homegirl" act is old and I really wish she would stop all together. I caught an extended glimpse of her best "Quandalesha Bongesha" impression on an episode of I Love Money 2. Now, I must admit that all of the characters on there have to be a tad bit embellished but she is by far the worse. She got busted on Flavor of Love for being a fraud. You'd think she'd given up the whole thing by now. You'd think that someone like Saaphyri, her BFF, would have checked her on that insulting BS by now. I digress. I'll probably catch another episode or two or three, lol.
Now anyone who has been watching American Idol has got to be familiar with Nick Mithcell/Norman Gentle. Can I be one of the first to say that Norman Gentle isn't even funny. This mofo has worn out "And I Am Telling You..." . I wonder if that is the only song he knows. The gig has to be up. The weird thing is that when he sings, there are actually parts that reveal that he can possibly be a decent singer. I thought that he would've scrapped the crap last night and performed as himself. Needless to say, he brought out old trusty and made an ass out of himself. He can not advance with that B.S. I know there are millions of people that auditioned that are probably throwing remotes and other inanimate objects at their flat screens when he pops up. Well these are two white people that really annoy the sh*t out of me. I could create a list of their black counterparts but that would take up a couple of posts, lol.

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