Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Still Here...Fatal Floosies And All

I have been so busy. I mean seriously busy. I ain't complaining. I almost forgot how to blog though. LOL. I read an interesting book by none other than one of my fave authors, Pearl Cleage, entitled "Deals with the Devil and Other Reasons to Riot". It's an older collection of essays but she's filled with so much truth, that bad boy will be relecvant for generatios to come. My fave essay would have to be "Fatal Floosies". In a nutshell, she really goes there on how one should embrace their sexuality and sexiness. I went through a phase where I would feel guilty about a one night stand or F*ck Buddy. After reading that essay, I totally felt better about it. Not that I went out and sowed my oats to every Tom, Dick, Harry or shall I say Malcolm, D.J., and Chris...LOL. It's okay to be sexually responsible. But you have to be both in this day and age. Hetero or Homo. It doesn't matter. Nobody wants to be a "Fatal Floosie". I won't go into that. Pick up a copy from Amazon, Ebay, or whatever to find out if you qualify.

BTW::::I had a one night stand that has not left my mind. It was passionate. It was sweet. It wasn't the usual f*ck and go, go and f*ck. I secretly longed for it to last longer. But I wouldn't allow myself to get suckered into those thoughts for long. It was what it was. But I like it.

Good Night Blogosphere!

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