Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Premature Ejaculation

I equate jumping in and/or out of situations to premature ejaculation. Whether it's with work or private life, if things are not well thought out I find myself "cumming" to quick, leaving myself temporarily pleased and someone else not too pleased with my performance. I've been quick to jump into relationships and relationshit. Not really taking shit too serious, getting lost in the pomp and circumstance, I get wrapped up in a nigga or vice versa. The luster quickly fades and I find myself nestled between a rock and a hard place. It never fails, something always turns that diamond in the rough into something rough. It never comes by surprise, as there are often signs in the early stages, the courting phase. Things like him being too clingy, not affectionate, cheap, immature, whorish, jealous, bitchy and the list goes on. The shit only seems to magnify once you are exclusive. I also prove to be far from perfect. I DO have my faults and that shit sets the scale totally off balance. It feels good for a minute, reach the climax...then i want to roll over go to sleep and send that motherf*cker packing home.

At work, commiting to projects that I don't have the band width for can also result in a quick nut, quickly making me a nut. Last minute "911" requests... Rushing to get shit done... Procrastination...Not knowing when to say No... Wearing Too Many Hats... The List goes on. I may get the job done, but it's definitely not to the best of my ability for a variety of reasons. Where I'm happy to have gotten the job done, others may not be pleased with the finished product, ultimately leaving me with a mess... I'm a hot mess...

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